A journal of Interviews by Karla Darocas (Hons.B.A.)



Friday, June 1, 2012


I met Claire at one of our CBWomen Potluck Lunch afternoons and I was over the moon to find out that she is not only a Canadian like myself,  but that she is a world famous baroque flautist.

My surprise and joy continued to excel when I found out that Claire is the founding member and artistic director of the Arion Baroque Orchestra, which tours all over North and South America and Europe. She has over 30 recordings distributed internationally and she performs with such distinguished conductors as Ton Koopman, Andrew Parrot, Barthold Kuijken, Jordi Savall, Nicholas McGegan, Philippe Herreweghe and Bruno Weil.

At the lunch, Claire shared many of her personal stories and it was very clear that she is an inspirational women and we are very lucky to have her here on the Costa Blanca.

  • Name:  Claire Guimond
  • Location Living: Calpe – Spain and Montréal, Canada
  • Roots: From Montreal, Québec, Canada (French Canadian)
  • Married: Yes to Eric Marsland (British)
  • Children: no
  • How long on the Costa Blanca: We bought the house in Calpe in 1999 and moved here in June 2002.
  • Profession: Musician (flute player) and Artistic director of Canadian orchestra Arion Baroque Orchesta. http://www.arionbaroque.com/

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Q. When was the last time you were truly inspired?

A. I am truly inspired every time I play and discover or re-discover wonderful musicians.

The most recent experience was a few weeks ago when I was performing concerts and recording a CD with the soloist soprano Karina Gauvin. We were doing a program with Arion Baroque Orchestra entitled “Heroines & Femmes Fatales”.

Karina not only has a wonderful rich voice with incredible control and technique but every note she sings is 200% music. She is an incredibly focused professional and touches your soul.  

Q. When did someone or something motivate you to action, spark your emotions, or awaken you, causing you to think in a different way?

A. It happens often, not always in a big way but it is the sum of small actions, which trace the path of my life. It is when there is a spark of emotion that I am motivated to make some changes. I guess it is true for everybody.

I get inspiration from people around me and it does influence me but I do not tend to idolize.  

Q. Is there a woman on a professional level who has inspired your work and made you take more risks with your ideas and creativity? Who and why?

A. I admire several women musicians for different reasons and also women that lead arts organisations.
I certainly admire very much Jeanne Lamon, artistic director of baroque orchestra Tafelmusik from Toronto for her incredible drive and assertiveness. She also always searches for excellence and tries to improve herself in all possible ways.

The people I admire the most in the music world are great musicians with bigger talent than ego!

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Q. Are there women in your family life who inspired you to be a better person on a social scale? Who and why?

A. There are at least 2 women in my family that really inspired me. They are my great aunt Yvonne and my mother Marie-Ange. 

My great aunt Yvonne, who was born in 1903, I admire for her incredibly independent spirit. She was curious and interested in business, culture, arts, travel etc… She loved the arts, traveled a lot (by herself, which was rare at that time. She also had a business and was financially independent. She achieved all that with very little formal education. She made herself!

My mother, on the other hand, was a great loving and witty spirit. She was a very smart person, intellectually and socially. Everybody just loved her. She was an artist at heart and always encouraged me to follow my passion.

Q. Have you ever tried to inspire other women to be more creative or pioneering or more business oriented?

A. I would not say I tried to inspire, however I certainly have given my support to my flute students in all possible ways, by helping them to bloom and develop. The main thing is that I always encourage them to follow their passion …the rest will follow….

I also give support to the young women that are part of the administrative team of Arion Baroque Orchestra and in particular I encourage them in the quest for excellence.

Q. What words of inspiration would you like to share with the readers? 

A. Follow your passion …the rest will follow….