Friday, November 27, 2015


This Networking Event was really like being with a group of good friends.

Because many of us have been connected and we have already built trusted relationship, the enterprising and creative juices were flowing.

We did our traditional networking session and enjoyed a yummy brunch buffet creatively prepared by Elaine and crew at Quo Vadis. The women who have never met, were kept busy connecting, while the rest of us were brainstorming ideas to take this "networking experience" - to yet another level.

We then had the raffle early and decided to share gifts, which was a nice surprise.

So, in gratitude, I want to say Thank You to the lovely and talented Lesley Ann Sharrock for gifting us with one of her novels - the Seventh Magpie. This local author has been sharing her epic literary piece with the world for many moons but today it was shared with one of our CBWomen - making a unique and personal connection. I hope Lesley remembered to autograph it as well, just to add that personal touch!

And in a unique turn of fate, the women who won the novel also offered a gift to share. The super multi-talented Sheila Cain-Forret's gift was a candle, which traditional brings with it the gift of light and connectivity, so how appropriate.

All good vibrations in the room today and all in a warm sunny environment - aren't we all so lucky!!

Thank you to all the women who share their enlightened and enterprising spirit with me and give me inspiration.

Be Indie Be Free * Live and Learn * Be Connected!!

Karla Darocas - Boogie On Women!!

Friday, November 20, 2015


You cannot come to Spain and expect it to be the same as what you know.

Report by Karla Darocas

This is true for foreigners coming here for a better life and even for some returning Spaniards, who have been out of the country for years and now have returned - to find it all changed.  

Since I arrived here, full time in 2001, a lot has happened in Spain. I have witnessed rapid changing governments, attitudes, policies, laws, capital investments and so forth. From a country that was ruled by a dictatorship for many years, when the idea of entrepreneurship was a “dirty” word. Boo bad capitalist. Go home.  

But NOW… a lot has changed and I believe for the better for entrepreneurship in Spain, especially in the cyber sectors. The “be indie – be free” ideas are getting around. Micro economies, grass roots monetary solutions, entrepreneurs, continuous educators, healers, investors are starting to act local and global at the same time.

Really, for anyone who is generating revenue from their computers by being online,  (for example CEOs, CFOs, translators, rental or sales properties, etc..) THEN, this is a place where you can enjoy a very comfortable and fun lifestyle only kilometers from the best beaches in the world. And that’s the truth. It is a lifestyle extraordinaire. 

It is even a great place for entrepreneurs who use the internet for their enhanced marketing and network building. This is the place to be hooked-up and connected. Why? The country is online everywhere with one of the biggest players in the cyber game. So big in fact, that it services other countries to boot. However, if want to support a local business then there are a host smaller players in the digital delivery services to choose from. The fact is that if you need a connection, you will find it here.

I think this connectivity is largely due to its activities in the tourist sectors. This country does tourism very well. Again, another networked industry that is well constructed. You can count on Spain’s transportation services to basically be easy to book and on time, safe, easy, comfortable, great views - you get the idea.

And mobile phones - don’t get me started.  Cellar communications towers are popping up everywhere.  Everyone has a smart phone and is doing business while networking or lounging on the Mediterranean. 

In conclusion, anyone who is living here and is feeling the need to connect, then there is no excuse. Connection is not a problem in Spain - in so many ways.  

Connectivity isn’t just about being online, it is about people too. With good weather for the majority of the year, you can get outside a lot of the time, which is good for your health. Then you can get involved with an extraordinaire amount of social groups.  You can also work here given that you have the right attitude and an entrepreneurial education and personal drive and of course a good business idea and some capital.  

My mother says that it is “better to be busy than bored”. 

And it’s true. So get busy! Get Connected! Be Indie – Be Free! Invest in Yourself. Love Everyone.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


And hopefully not our last!
Report by Karla Darocas

What a great location for today's CBWomen networking event. The sun filled dining room at the Obsidian Wellness Retreat turned into a perfect space to share and build relationships. Plus, the fire place added a warm tone to the vibrations. 

We were greeted by our friend Gemma Baxter with a fruity smoothie for each of us. Gemma has only been working at Obsidian a few short weeks and "boom" like magic - we are networking the famous Obsidian Retreat. The power of networking pays off again! 

Well, after sorting out everyone with their name tags and suggested question sheets, we got down to networking "Costa Blanca Women" style - power networking - one-to-one. 

As per usual, the room exploded with a concussion of conversation! There were a few newbies, but they took to the networking like butterflies to flowers. 

I slipped into the kitchen and met the chef - Julia Woolley. We had a great bit of networking ourselves and I managed to snap a fun photo of her in the kitchen environment, showcasing our upcoming lunch. 

After the networking, we had the raffle, which was filled with my art and a gift certificate from Obsidian. Then we all went outside and I took the traditional group photo. 

I had the chance to cruise the room and pick out some photos and faces. 
As the say, a photo tells a thousand words... see below.

Then we lunched on a freshly prepared variety of salads and crunchy veggies and mixed seeds and other delights. Then, out came the soup and everyone was "wow" as the sweet potato, split pea, spinach and coconut milk cream hit their palettes. 

Just I was getting ready to ride, I was asked to come back into the room and to my surprise, and delight, a home made - Julia made - gluten-sugar free cake with fruit and candles came out from the kitchen. I was shocked by the round of singing that broke out in the room. With voices together, the Happy Birthday tune sprung forth, which brought a giggle of sheer joy to all in the room. The gals had planned this cake plus a gift certificate to Obsidian too. How thought-filled and loving. True love and gratitude to my gal pals - Nadine and Lesley and all others in on the surprise. It made me smile and feel happiness. 

Until next time - Build Real Relationships - Get Connected - Share & Love 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


At one of my networking sessions a few weeks ago, the topic of discussion was based on your personal “core strengths” and the need to focus on them and not on your weaknesses.

The idea here being that if you focus on the aspects of your personality and skill sets that you excel at then they might overcome your weaknesses, just by sheer comparison.

For example, if you have a bubbly personality this will play out well for your abilities to conduct sales in your enterprise.  And, say your weakness is math and accounting, then with your core strength to charm people and make sales, you can hire someone with core math skills.  And, on this point – visa versa!

The key is to get to know yourself better and find out what your core strengths are and to bring them to the table and make them really work for you. Then, along the way, you will discover your weak areas but you won’t be letting them bring you down into a negative zone.

Here are a list of personality traits that work for business and life. Maybe you can spot your strengths in this list….

Action-Oriented, Adventurous, Analytical, Artistic, Athletic, Authentic, Caring, Clever, Compassionate, Charming, Communicative, Confident, Courageous, Creative, Curious, Determined, Disciplined, Educated, Empathetic, Emotional, Intelligent, Energetic, Entertaining, Fast, Flexible, Focused, Good-Looking, Helping, Inspiring, Intelligent, Leadership, Learning, Motivated, Optimistic, Open-Minded, Organized, Outgoing, Patient, Precise, Responsible, Self-Controlled, Speaking, Spontaneous, Social / People Skills, Strategic Thinking, Team-Oriented, Thoughtful, Trustworthy, Visionary, Warm, Willpower, Wisdom

When choosing your core strengths, do not confuse this with your wish to be “more creative” or “more disciplined” for example.  If you are not either of these, then they are not going to serve you well in your business.

I have met many people in my years who wished to be artists or website developers, but once you saw their finished work, it was obvious that it was not going to fly!!

It is unfair to you client to use their money to advance your learning curve to be a website designer, for example, if you have no core competence in this area.

Research has shown that if you focus on your core strengths, they will energise you and you will be successful. People read other people in a few seconds to determine if they will be a good match in business enterprises and if you are exhibiting your strengths, you will be noticed and shine.

Saturday, October 31, 2015


11:00 START

Thanks to our lovely friend Gemma Baxter, CBWomen have been invited to brunch and network at the famous Obsidian Wellness Retreat in Benissa.

Upon Arrival, its Smoothie time. While we enjoy that, we all can have a mingle.
Then the plan is to get right into the networking session and maybe get in a few more rotations.
Then at times end, we do the group photo and then the raffle,
THEN - Obsidian's top chef is preparing for us a healthy soup and salad buffet.

Obsidian Wellness Retreat are gifting one of you gals with a €75 Day Pass with a surprise thrown in!

This will be interesting and fun and something new and exciting for all of us!

HOWEVER Glamorous this all seems - just remember - it will be our timed networking session - as usual!!

See you there - karla

Friday, October 30, 2015


The end of October CBWomen Networking event brought with it some lovely sunshine as we gathered on the terrace at Quo Vadis in Javea.

The proprietor Elaine out did herself on the brunch today. As you can see by the photo below - it was a full on spread of fruit, including kiwi, my favourite - and manchego cheese, ham, sliced melon and fresh bread. It was all served up with freshly squeezed orange juice - the life blood of a thirsty networker.

It was an even mix of regular networkers and newbie networkers - so that was perfect. We are so international, which I just adore, and it makes our sessions more productive to meet women from all countries who have landed or live here - in our piece of paradise.

Network to BUILD your Network
Your Annoying but Loving Hostess,
Karla Darocas

Thursday, October 22, 2015


One of the greatest entrepreneurs on this plant is Oprah Winfrey. In her lifetime, she has turned all of her passions into realities including a tv show, a book club, magazine, website and radio show. She truly believes that, "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

Since I was raised on a farm in rural Ontario, Canada, I was brought up in an entrepreneurial environment. My Grandfather use to tell me to ONLY do things that I was good at because “anything else would NOT make me unhappy.” It was a no-brainer for Grandpa because he loved being a dairy farmer and if there was a job he hated to do, he would outsource to a local labourer or professional who could do that work for him.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


October 30th

This is our regular end of the month gathering.

Please make sure you are registered by the
29th of the month!!

See You There!!!

Karla Darocas
Network to Build Your Network!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


After a few days of rain, which is normal on the Costa Blanca in October, the glorious sun came out and shone on the pretty village of Parcent just in time for our mid-October Networking Event.

Our lovely and talented hostesses Victoria and Sherri-Lee, prepared an amazing brunch of mixed meats and cheese, fruit salad, mixed breads and butter for us along with coffee, teas, orange juice, cava and lemon water.

We gathered under a canopy of blue and began our networking. We were a group of 13, which was good because I didn't need to pair up so I had time to take photos and keep my eye on the timer.

We breaked early to conduct the raffle and take the group photos, as a couple of the women had appointment and had to leave a bit earlier.

We finally wrapped up at our usual time of 1:30.

Victoria informed us that she would be moving to Denia shortly and would be happy to host us at her new location as soon as she sorted. So, there was talk of a Christmas Networking session mid-December.

Monday, October 12, 2015


I was having coffee the other morning with one of my Costa Blanca Women and she was busy showing me her business plan for her new bakery and coffee shop.

I was fully taken with her extensive planning with regards to her location, its parking and traffic flow and the fact that there were a number of schools in the area from which she could draw the mothers after they dropped off their children.

I was very impressed with her numbers for her startup inventory and expenses. She had a good understanding of this side of the business from working years for a food wholesaler.

However, when she started to tell me the name of her enterprise and the logo that she had sketched out – this is when I lost interest. She explained that she wanted it to appeal to the Spanish market but also to the expat market. That is all well and good but the name she picked was boring and her logo was not memorable at all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


As we move closer and closer to a totally dominated cybernetics planet, there is no time like now to teach your children to be self-sustaining, self-sufficient, continuous learners and entrepreneurs.

I have always been a firm believer that women, especially mothers - make the best entrepreneurs. The home is an entrepreneurial enterprising hot zone demanding all of the skills that business tycoons must learn. For example, busy mothers have to know how to balance a household budget, juggle staff in order to keep the ship afloat (husband and kids on this account), be an arbitrator, open and close deals, pitch ideas, ask for funding… I think you can see the parallels.

Monday, October 5, 2015


I would say that 90% of the women now coming out to the events are entrepreneurs.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

To be an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you need to be the smartest person on the block, but what you do need are dreams, ideas and passion – plus a simple, basic business plan, to get you off the unemployment treadmill and onto a way of life that offers independence.

If you believe in the old Chinese proverb - "Give a man a fish - he eats for a day - teach him to fish - he eats for life!", then you will understand why being an entrepreneur is a far better way to lead your life, than being unemployed, bored and often feeling depressed.

Most general descriptions of an entrepreneur are based on the premise of a person who has possession of an enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.

Many people, if not all people, will agree that entrepreneurs are passionate people and it is that emotional drive that will get results. Anyone who believes in themselves will get results. That is a given truth.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Hi Karla,

Lovely to meet with you again today. I just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable and positive networking session.

When I first joined CBWomen you said its not the quantity of the members but the quality and its the truth!!

I am a newcomer but have already met some truly inspiring women.

Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity

Best wishes,

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Hi Karla,

It was really nice for me to meet you and CBW. You are making a great job promoting this network. 

Sometimes it's hard to restart your life in a new place where you are alone, so I hope to go deeper with you and the ladies to build friendship relations not only by attending CBW events.

On the other hand, please let me know if can I give a hand to you or CBW women with something - maybe with the Spanish or something else.

 Mar Zarco