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Saturday, February 1, 2014

EDITORIAL * Love, Power and Chocolate

February is the month of Love: that magical emotion that gives you all kinds of hope, power and if you are lucky - chocolate.

Love has guided me well. I have lived by the principle that if you "do what you love" the rest will follow. The love I have in my heart fills me with hope and I am able to drive forward with my life, work, projects and other plans.

In this February issue of, I interview Michele Averard about her love of singing and sounds. Michele is an open-hearted woman who loves life and shares her womanhood with the world. She is passionate about her projects and speaks from the heart.

Other features in this issue include a submission by Sue Martin who takes us on a lovely road trip in her caravan on the Romantic Route of Europe. Local author, Lesley Anne Sharrock has included a short story that is a twisted tale of love on Valentine's Day. From Maggie's kitchen comes a recipe for Chocolate Truffles and an educational prologue on various versions of Valentine's Day and chocolate.

Karla Darocas, editor / publisher


I recently re-connected with Michele Averard and finally got to hear her sing and perform in her all-women choir at the Dome, a circular acoustically perfect venue out in the village of Alcalali, which she owns with her husband Nestor Kornblum.

Michele is a talented and power-filled woman who is an enormous influence on the many people that she interacts with and loves.

She is also very passionate about her singing, performing, healing and teaching. In this interview, Michele shares her love for singing and how it has shaped her life. She also explains how she got involved with Eastern music.

Michele gives the background to starting the choir Las Voces de Gaia and why it is so compelling. Plus, find out what is in the future for this amazing Costa Blanca woman.


by Sue Martin

Loosely following an old Roman road, the Romantic Route winds south for 255 miles from historic Wurzburg to the alpine town of Fussen, close to Neuschwanstein Castle. Needless to say, we did it in reverse!

Just follow the brown road signs for ‘Romantische Strasse’ and you will be led through fabulous rolling countryside through a multitude of cobblestoned, medieval towns with magnificently preserved, half timbered houses adorned with hanging baskets overflowing with the most lush and beautiful sweet smelling flowers.


by Lesley Ann Sharrock

Peter Graves got the call just before he left for work. No one else wanted this one, not today.

Some of his colleagues would be scurrying home as early as possible with a clich├ęd bunch of flowers or a ‘surprise’ restaurant booking for the wife or girlfriend they hardly ever saw.

The single ones would head for the pub to drown their sorrows about being alone on this auspicious day and pretend that this was how they had planned their lives to be. Peter was somewhere in the middle.


Maggie's Kitchen by Margaret den Hartog

Every February 14th, in many places around the world, confectionary, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.

Who was St. Valentines and why do people give chocolate on this day?
Impress him/her with your own creation, a ever-so-simple Chocolate Truffles Recipe.