A journal of Interviews by Karla Darocas (Hons.B.A.)



Friday, March 22, 2013


Even the epidemic flu bug that has gripped many of our regular gals, did not keep us hardcore party animals from having a grand time over fabulous homemade food.

The best part of potluck parties is the creative recipes and cooking that comes to these events.

The weather was perfect, so we ate, drank, told funny stores and had a wonderful time out on the covered patio with the birds happily chirping and the sun shining.

Maggie made Betty a handmade Thank You card for letting us gather, with our own food, at her cozy wooden retreat.

There was also a buzz of excitement as Chris literally negotiated the sale of her villa over her mobile phone! We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the sale will go through, however it means that we will loose one of our favourite CBWomen - ugh!

We also collected up a lot of really healthy foods in our box to give to the Harvest Store in Javea - so they can redistribute to families in need. Kathleen even put some Easter surprises in the box = ahhh!!  - kd